Monday, August 15, 2016

ILL SILLA - The CD That Saved Hip-Hop

Monsters and Marijuana, ILL SillaILL SILLA "Monsters and Marijuana"
The CD That Saved Hip-Hop
This December 2015 release is amazing from start to finish. Ill Silla displays a mastermind of lyrics with a hip-hop flavor. Taking the art of rhyme to a new level on this disc, Ill Silla has a great way of making very catchy tunes with strong positive message undertones. Lyrical fire and great features on this cd. Here is a breakdown:
Ill Silla "Monsters and Marijuana" *****
1. The Beginning (feat. Lyke No Otha) ****
This CD explodes "Holding up a sign that says the ending is near". Lyke No Otha goes very hard and Ill Silla rips it up, then brings track to a abrupt ending leading perfectly into track 2.
2. Silent Noise (feat. Cleon Flight) *****
This track is done very well with strong thought provoking message. The silent noise you hear on
this song is the truth told with a great melody. "Open minds as we scream into the void" who is this guy
Jim Morrison, Socrates? Very poetic!
3. One More Time (feat. Beazy Tme) *****
This is a amazing song about addiction that many can relate to or with. Silla does masterful job
of touching issues most artist just don't get at. Being informed is a great way to start tackling these problems head on. Silla and Beazy do a great job on this solid track.
4. Luv Me Not (feat. Mesn) **
A fun song with very catchy hook, Mesn hits hard with strong delivery.
5. Woke Up High (feat. Onit Tme) ***
This should be the Colorado State anthem. Old school type song the whole world can smoke to.
6. Tattoo'd (feat. Iron Mic & Gem) *****
Stand back when you first listen to this song, because this one will knock you off your feet. The message, the delivery, the features all flawless. Iron Mic crushes first verse with brutal truth and awesome sound. The hook is so outstanding it will stick in your head for days. "All of it's permanently a part of me, i'm Tattoo'd." The whole hook is a genius play on words. Verse two "life's sorta like a half pipe, if it goes up it must come down" Silla's poetic style shines. Then to top the off track "GEM" on verse three is so perfect it may be best verse on track. The first two verses are great but Gem does amazing job of blending singing and rapping in verse three that's pretty much untouchable.
7. Neverland (feat. 2 Mx2) ****
"Welcome to Neverland aka America the place where people never grow up the fuck up" Neverland is great song, first verse Silla explodes and x spans truthfully in what seems like a foot race into chorus. The hook is a classic on Neverland that should stick into the country's head. Verses 2 and 3 are pure skill and pure knowledge. So much intelligence driven by such lyrical skill and pop. Pay attention Neverland!
8. The Dissapointed (skit)
9. Displeased *****
Wow, Displeased is truth, fact after fact Silla jumps in your face with this honest exposure. Ripping over heavy guitar riff Ill Silla sums up the state of the country and the feeling of a nation truly "Displeased". This song is a absolute home run, everything on point right here. Throughout history the true artist are the one's who can really speak on the feeling of an entire mass of people. Ill Silla does exactly that, speaking for us all everyone's "Displeased"
10. Killem All (feat. F Lawless) *****
Another 5 star bangger on this one, Silla pops off with what might be the best overall verse on disc. And then oh wow F Lawless is beast on verse 2. "Yeah I like that, especailly when they fight back, I be eating every rapper for a light snack" shit is flawless. This is another classic track, the chorus just has it. "Tell me why your crying, that was all ball" And then just when I thought it couldn't get better Silla comes out like a nut on songs final verse. Doing just that "Killem All"
11. Saviors 2 tha Game (feat. M Lc & Loscypher) ****
This song is yet another greatly done track. The message is right there, loud and clear. The game needs saving, I believe this track clearly shows who is here to save it. The features on this track are very strong and moving. This will drive people out of there seats, "No longer will I sit back" says Silla in hook.
12. Emotionally Undead (feat. Gem1) *****
Boom this is beautiful song with albums best chorus. Gem is completely earth shattering on a hook for the ages. This is a timeless track that will be felt by anyone with a soul. Gem so cleverly ask in the chorus, "Am I the only one that's alive anymore?" I think everyone can relate to this song in one way or another. Silla spits more knowledge in this track then most artist do in there whole careers.
13. The Great Illusions **
Slower track with nice laid back appeal and lyrical knowledge.
14. Out Of It (feat. Johny Rockets) **
This is a nice smooth song that has very good cadence and very catchy hook.
15. Murder Suicide (feat. DeJangles & Spoke in Wordz) ****
Speed, power and skill is mixed well on this wicked track featuring DeJangles of Slo Pain & Spoke in Wordz. Great delivery by all artist on this song. 
16. Let Me Go Home ***
"Let Me Go Home" is perfectly fitting ending to a brilliant CD!